Micron 2018 Analyst Meeting Implications


Micron 2018 Analyst Meeting Implications

Micron 2018 애널리스트 간담회 시사점

Mirae Asset Daewoo | 2018.05.23


Micron, Analyst and Investor Conference

Micron (MU US) held a meeting for analysts and investors in 2018 on May 21 at 13:00 local time in the United States. At this conference, Micron predicted an increase in memory demand for each application. In terms of supply, I also mentioned limited reasons.

The contents of this meeting are expected to be a suitable investment guideline for the present, where confusion and suspicion about the memory market are mixed. On May 21, Micron's share price climbed 3.9 percent to $ 55.48 in the afternoon.



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