Reinsurance, searching for hidden inter-Korean economic prosperity

Reinsurance, searching for hidden inter-Korean economic prosperity

재보험, 숨겨진 남북 경협주를 찾아서

Hana Financial Investment | 2018.05.23


The Implication of Munich's Outperform in the Case of German Unification

Expectations for inter-Korean economic cooperation in the market are rising ahead of the North American summit in June. Of course, we can not predict the size and timing of economic cooperation, but the visibility of improvement in relations with North Korea is higher than ever. Therefore, mid / long-term benefits analysis by company / industry is clearly meaningful. When we look at stock price returns by major corporations before and after the German unification, we see a steady outperformance of Munich reinsurance based on the top companies making up the DAX index. The index surpassed the index by 50% p for the three years since 1990. In addition to the share price, the growth rate of NHI premiums has grown nearly double the annual average rate of 5.9% for the three years before 1990 to 10.9%



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