Energy storage, save in your mind


Energy storage, save in your mind

에너지저장장치, 네 마음속에 저장

Hana Financial Investment | 2018.03.12


ESS and government policies can significantly reduce payback period

The ESS's revenue mechanism is arbitrage trading using the difference in electricity rates over time. In the meantime, ESS has attracted a lot of investment attraction because the battery price is expensive and the expected profit is low. The situation has changed as the government recently expanded its charge and basic rate discount policy. By using 1MW of ESS facility, it is possible to earn about 130 million won per year by 2020. The investment payback period has decreased from the past 10 years to the current 3-4 years. Some of the current discount policies will be settled from 2021, but the deadline is likely to be extended again in order to stimulate facility investment for maximum demand management. In addition, the government has a strong will to expand renewable energy, and the ESS market has a favorable REC forecast weighting policy.


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