Chinese steel prices fall in US trade tensions


Chinese steel prices fall in US trade tensions

미국의 무역규제 긴장감 속 중국 철강가격 하락

Hana Financial Investment | 2018.03.12


- Chinese steel distribution and futures prices (SHFE): While raw material prices have fallen sharply, Chinese steel prices have also fallen. SHFE futures prices also dropped sharply for a week

- Domestic steel prices: Mainstream domestic prices remain on the plate market. Domestic rebar prices continue to decline from the beginning of the year both at retail prices and at import prices

- Precious metals: Trump, signed on 8th (local time), ordered to impose 25%, 10% duty on steel and aluminum respectively. Weekly gold fluctuates amid rising concerns over global trade war

- Industrial Metals: Major industrial metals except for copper in the US concern about protectionism declined following last week. Electrodial has slightly increased while the SHFE inventory is increasing for 6 weeks



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